20th Scientific Meeting of

Asian Academy of Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders

25th - 31st of October 2021, Republic of Korea

“New Insight into Orofacial Pain & Temporomandibular Disorders”
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25th (Monday) to 31st (Sunday) of October, 2021 Pre-recorded Online

Time Speaker Lecture title
Welcome Address
3 min Dr. Youn-Joong Kim AAOT President Welcome Announcement
3 min Dr. Jong-Mo Ahn KAOPOM President Welcome Announcement
3 min Dr. Jin-Woo Chung AAOT Scientific Meeting Chairman Welcome Announcement
Country Representative Session - Asian perspectives on orofacial pain
15 min Dr. Jong-Mo Ahn (Korea) Salivary cortisol in research of orofacial pain & TMDs related with stress
15 min Dr. Yoshizo Matsuka (Japan) Development of evidence based learning management system to contribute to continuing education program of chronic orofacial pain
15 min Dr. Alex Yunn-Jy Chen (Taiwan) How to interpret TMJ on screening panroamic images
15 min Dr. Isya Hanin (Indonesia) Psychological distress and well being in young population with TMD pain
15 min Dr. Jessy Joie Pura Domagsang (Philippines) Prolonged mask use associated orofacial symptoms/manifestations in health care workers in the Philippines during Covid 19
15 min Dr. Somsak Mitrirattanakul (Thailand) Update status of orofacial pain and dental sleep medicine in Thailand
Keynote Lecture I
50 min Dr. Richard Ohrbach (USA) Assessment and Diagnosis of TMDs: Taxonomy development, current status, and future directions
Keynote Lecture II
50 min Dr. Richard Ohrbach (USA) Painful TMDs : Initial onset, transition to chronic, and role of comorbid pain disorders
Plenary Session I : Optimizing asessment for the diagnosis of orofacial pain
30 min Dr. Chi-Mong Tsai (Taiwan) Review of the new ICD classification for orofacial pain
30 min Dr. Teekayu P. Jorns (Thailand) Optimizing asessment of neuropathic pain
Plenary Session II : Basic research in the orofacial pain field
30 min Dr. Seog Bae Oh (Korea) Targeting peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain with natural killer cells
30 min Dr. Noboru Noma (Japan) Neurophysiology of burning mouth syndrome
Plenary Session III : Psychosocial aspect of orofacial pain & TMD
30 min Dr. Eiji Sakamoto (Japan) Impact of orofacial pain on quality of life
30 min Dr. Chia-Shu Lin (Taiwan) Cultural differences of the perspectives on pain
Plenary Session IV : New treatments and treatment outcomes of orofacial pain & TMD
30 min Dr. Hye-Kyoung Kim (Korea) Current approach to chronic orofacial pain: Focusing on the individual, not average
30 min Dr. Adrian Yap (Singapore) Management of TMDs in youths
30 min Dr. Jae-Kwang Jung (Korea) Evidence-based management of osteoarthritis
Plenary Session V : New insight into sleep disorders
30 min Dr. Lia Kartika Wulansari (Indonesia) Mutual interaction of TMD, sleep, and stress during pandemic.
30 min Dr. Corinne J. Somera-Atienza (Philippines) Proposed workflow for dentists in managing OSA patients in the Philippine setting
30 min Dr. Ji-Woon Park (Korea) New implications and unsolved issues of oral appliance treatment in OSA
On-line Poster Presentation for the Young Clinicians
  • - 5 min speaking for each speaker
  • - Awards for the excellent researches

AAOT Council On-line Meeting

23rd of October, 2021 (Saturday)

  • 5pm (Korea, Japan)
  • 4pm (Taiwan, Philippines)
  • 3pm (Indonesia,Thailand)

Poster presentation vote

29th of October, 2021 (Friday)

Best poster awards announcement

30th of October, 2021 (Saturday)

Closing Ceremony & TMJ Day Ceremony (Off-line)

6pm, 30th of October, 2021 (Saturday)

Millennium Hilton Seoul Hotel

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